Herbal Medicines Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals is a predominant name in the herbal industry for the best manufacturing of herbal products. At Krishlar Pharmaceuticals, we constantly work towards ensuring access to high quality and affordable medicines to support patients in need. Our team does complete research on the condition and indications and tailored the herbs accordingly to deliver you the final product which has effective results. We have been trusted by health care professionals and patients for the Herbal Medicines Manufacturer and Supplier in India for the last 8 decades. We are providing 1500+ products, to make healthcare more affordable globally.
Herbal Medicines Manufacturer and Supplier in India
We provide the best products which are WHO-GMP approved. For more details about our company and its business opportunity then give us a call +91 8890804555, +91 9888841153 or email at krishlarpharmaceutical@gmail.com

Demand for Herbal Medicines in the Indian Market

The Indian market has witnessed the great demand for herbal medicines in the recent few years. Recently there has been a shift in universal trend from synthetic to herbal medicine, which we can say ‘Return to Nature’. People prefer to take herbal medicines doe effective and quick recovery in comparison to other pharma products. Large quantities of botanicals in India are consumed by the herbal industry (177,000 MT) and by millions of rural households (86,000 MT) that depend on their primary healthcare on this resource. With the majority of the population subscribing to herbal drugs there is a boom in the indigenous medicinal sector.
  • The export of medicinal plants and herbs from India has been quite substantial in the
    last few years.
  • The herbal drug market in India is about $1 billion.
  • In addition, a large quantity of botanicals (56,500 MT) is exported from the country.
  • The utilization of herbal drugs is on the flow and the market is growing step by step.

Best Manufacturer and Supplier of Herbal Medicines in India

Our company is the best manufacturers and supplier of herbal medicines in India. We are developing new formulations, with locally available herbs, which are cost-effective. The major objective of the company is customer satisfaction by delivering excellent herbal products and reliable services. At the leading Top Notch Herbal Medicines Manufacturer and Supplier in India, we offer natural and highly effective compositions which don’t cause any harm or side effect to the human body.

  1. We manufactured the precise composition of herbal medicines.
  2. WHO-GMP quality approvals accreditations.
  3. Research and quality check of every herbal product before its delivery.
  4. A huge network of business associates all over the world.
  5. A broad segment of herbal medicines with unique formulations.
  6. Well furnished manufacturing unit at our premises.
  7. Ventilated, temperature control, and hygienic storage space.
  8.  Prompt delivery of all the products on time without any delay.

Variety of Herbal Products Manufactured by Krishlar

Our product range portfolio offers a broad range of high-quality drugs at a competitive reasonable price.  Our professionals’ team makes sure that the products offered by our manufacturing company compete in the market on its quality basis. We manufactured a wide range of products under different categories to provide medical facilities to every specialized unit.

  1. Tablets
  2. Capsules
  3. Syrups
  4. Cardiac and Diabetic
  5. Ointment
  6. Injectables
  7. Pead/Syd/Drops

Quality Assurance of Our Herbal Products

Quality is the main focal point when it comes to medications. Nobody wants to take a risk by taking low grades and cheap medicine. We understand and value the lives of individuals.  We have managed to retain their faith in us by always delivering premium quality products. We assure you the quality of our herbal products which helps in providing long term relief. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the herbal products. We manufactured herbal products with the purest of a pure form of raw material and by following the norms of quality standards.

Packaging of Quality Herbal Medicine Range

From the manufacturing of our herbal products to its packaging, we make sure that the standards of safety, quality, hygiene never be compromised at any stage.

  • Packaging plays a very vital role in the sale of the products. So it is very important to work on this factor with concentration.
  • Packaging creates an image in the mind of the customer regarding the product.
  • Airtight and leakage proof material is used to maintain the efficiency and long life shell of the products.
  • It helps you to stand your brand out from the crowded market.

Contact Information

Name: Krishlar pharmaceutical

Phone:+91 8890804555, +91 9888841153

Address: Krishlar pharmaceutical SCO-317, 1st & 2nd floor, motor market, Manimajra Chandigarh-160101 (u.t)

Email: krishlarpharmaceutical@gmail.com

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