PCD Pharma Company in India – PCD is a famous concept across the pharma industry due to its flexibility and compactness. PCD stands for propaganda cum distribution wherein a pharma company allows its franchise to carry out commercial activities. Although being a famous and widespread concept, people often get confused as to which companies to select and how to do the manufacturing and distribution.

Most pharma companies grant permission to an individual or group. They can now carry out activities like promotion of the products, selling, and distribution throughout the country. However, there is a terms and conditions list that needs to be followed by both parties. When it comes to marketing, any pharma company can follow:

  • Ethical marketing
  • PCD franchise

Difference between ethical marketing and PCD franchise

Ethical marketing is the conventional form of marketing that companies have been following over the years. They appoint medical representatives and assign territories. The MRs move into the territory and talk to stockists, chemists, and even doctors to promote their products. In such a case, the margin is set by the company and the chemists and wholesalers promote it to the customers.

PCD Pharma Company in India

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On the other hand, PCD pharma franchises work independently with the rights. They appoint a set of distributors in the area. The distributors then assign the Mr’s who promotes the products to chemists, stockists, and wholesalers. Now, you must be thinking about how it is different from the ethical one. Well, in this case, the pharma franchise gets the monopoly rights.

The products are made available thoroughly without intervention from the parent company. This is very useful when a pharma company is new in the market. So, any PCD Pharma Company in India will order bulk quantities from the manufacturer or manufacturer and sell them to a list of distributors. Now, this is the duty and responsibility of the distributor to sell it further to the market using marketing and promotional strategies.

How to Choose a Top PCD Pharma Company?

Selecting a Top PCD Pharma Company in India requires extensive research on the potential of the company to stock and market the products. Initially, the pharma companies used to do direct marketing but that meant utilizing a lot of resources on marketing and sales. But with the PCD pharma concept, they can now engage their resources in R&D and formulation of medicines while the franchise will take care of the distribution and sales.

So, what do you need to finalize from your list of the PCD pharma company in India? The best way to find out if they can do the job is to check for their facility infrastructure and market reach. For instance, Krishlar Pharmaceuticals have a manufacturing facility in Chandigarh, Punjab spread over a wide area and they have a good supply of raw materials and strong distribution channels pan India.

So, you can go with them or the like of them to increase your brand reach and availability in the market. However, you must also ensure that they have proper WHO GMP-certified units as it is required for quality control. You must also check for their distribution network and marketing backup.

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