Located in Chandigarh, Krishlar Pharmaceutical is a Third-Party Medicine Manufacturer in India. The company was established in the year 2015 with a mission to manufacture quality medicines with minimal wastage. The vision of the company is to become the best manufacturer of medicines in India. And they have proved their worth in a very short span.

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals manufacture an extensive array of medicines ranging from tablets to syrups to injectables, and powders. But why should you select Krishlar to become your third-party manufacturer?

Why select Krishlar to become the third-party manufacturer?

Krishlar Pharma company is a well-known PCD pharma franchise that has a vast network of suppliers pan India. There are several factors to account for when selecting Krishlar to manufacture your medicines. But we will focus on the major three factors that you must know.

#1 Products and Production

Any Third-Party Medicine Manufacturer in India must possess the machinery to produce all kinds of pharma medicines for the market. They must have the proper equipment to produce tablets, capsules, dry syrups, syrups, powder, injectables, and ointments. However, many companies turn to specialized products to reduce the initial cost of resources.

So, if you are a pharma company that wants to foray into a specific medicine, you can select the integrated production houses. But if you want to provide the market with all kinds of products, then you will have two options.

Option 1 – find different specialized players in the medicine production. But that will increase your point of contact and it will be difficult to manage the independent units.

Option 2 – go for companies like Krishlar pharmaceuticals which have the infrastructure to develop and produce different medicines and ointments. This allows you better control of the quality of your products and the production.

#2 Quality and certifications

Every Third-Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India must possess certifications from Global entities that allow quality assurance and quality control. One such organization is WHO and WHO GMP certification is a must to produce and manufacture medicines.

While manufacturing medicines, you can not risk the quality of the medicines. It adversely affects the image of the brand. So, the certifications from quality authorities are a must. Therefore, you must select the companies that are strictly following the quality control measures as guided by the authority.

#3 Network and delivery

Network and delivery are very crucial in the pharma industry when you are catering to widespread geography like India. The timely delivery of medicines and availability in the market is required to create a brand presence. Krishlar has a wide array of agents and distributors spread across the country who can enable this supply chain.

The distribution channels allow the company to seamlessly transfer goods from the factory to retail stores. So, a massive network and bulk suppliers are required to handle the distribution. Krishlar Pharmaceuticals has the team to ensure that all the products are available in the market to match the demands. Furthermore, they also have a marketing team that helps them create strategies to further develop and expand into the market. So, with their help, you can also increase your market reach.

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