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ALKAKRIT is the composite of Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Capsules that are used to treat gout and kidney issues. Disodium Hydrogen Citrate is the urine alkalizer that works by raising the pH of urine, making it less acidic. This aids the kidneys in eliminating excess uric acid, avoiding gout and some forms of kidney stones. It reduces the amount of acid which is very harmful to the kidney as well as for other internal organs. And in some conditions, this uric acid plays a vital role in creating stones in the kidneys. Disodium Hydrogen Citrate capsules can also be used to prevent and treat some metabolic disorders caused by renal disease such as acidosis.

Precautions For Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Capsules

It is better to take Disodium Hydrogen Citrate capsules after having food and with large amounts of water which will help to decrease the negative effect of this medicine. Inform the doctor if the patient has had any surgery and do not take this medicine without the consultation of the doctor.

Side Effects Of Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Capsules

Disodium Hydrogen Citrate capsules may cause some side effects which will disappear once the body is adapted to this medicine. However, if the patient experiences any side effects for a long time then immediately meet the physician.

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Tiredness
  • Stomach pain

Contact For Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Capsules Manufacturing And Supply

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