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Best Third Party Manufacturers – Krishlar Pharmaceuticals has come up with a one-stop solution for a quality Drug Range. We deal in large medicine segments and are responsible for its timely delivery and leakage & breakage-proof packaging. Since our inception in 2005, we have become the leading Pharmaceutical Third Party Manufacturing Company in India and assist many startup Pharmaceuticals in processing their work. All the manufacturing plants of our company are GMP-WHO approved. Also, we have dedicated and hardworking manpower, which helps us exceed our client’s expectations.

Third Party Manufacturers are the most convenient, and cost-effective option for new companies to carry forward their business. Our solid grasp on manufacturing quality medicines gives us wings to become a top Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India. We serve our customers with all the latest innovations without going out of their budget. Our R&D department consistently works on innovating the products to provide the best deals in the market which makes us one of the best Third Party Companies. So, if you are looking for affordable 3rd Party Manufacturing services, associate with Krishlar Pharmaceuticals. We have chosen a reliable communication source to interact with our valued customers. So, feel free to contact us at +91 8890804555 and write to us at

Advantages of Hiring Krishlar Pharmaceuticals for 3rd Party Manufacturing Services

For competing in the pharma market, it is very important to deliver an innovative and good-quality product range. Our Medicine Third party manufacturing is counted among the best pharmaceutical products manufacturers. As the fastest-growing Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India, Krishlar Pharmaceuticals has established a good name and built many contacts with different companies throughout the country.

1. Highly qualified team of Professionals

Every department at Krishlar Pharmaceuticals has a team of highly trained and experienced gained professionals, scientists, physicians, and specialists which is the core strength of our Third Party Manufacturing Company.

2. WHO–GMP certified

The WHO-GMP has given our business all of the necessary legal authorizations. Maintaining one’s professionalism and conducting one’s work in accordance with the established standards and procedures of the industry is an absolute requirement. Thus, with all the necessary regulations in place. We are committed to earning the highest level of credibility in the industry by offering high-quality products.

3. Provide you with the best service

We understand the importance of our client’s time and trust. Therefore, we are committed to providing the best services to them for their profitable business. We believe that being the best Third Party Manufacturing Pharma provider, it is our responsibility to maintain a reputable position for the company in the market.

4. Reasonable price products

We provide reasonably priced medical supplies of the highest possible quality. Serving those in need is our primary mission as a business, and our main objective is to provide medical assistance to all those who are in need.

5. Manufacturing unit

The organization possesses a sophisticated manufacturing unit that is capable of producing products on a large scale as well as on a small scale. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and various other types of cutting-edge technology. In addition, the organization is supported by a workforce that is both hard-working and knowledgeable in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Variety of Products Ranges Offered by the Best Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India

Our product range portfolio offers a broad range of high-quality drugs at a competitive reasonable price. All of our products are formulated with the finest and pure raw materials and ingredients. Being a prominent Pharmaceutical Third Party Manufacturing Company, our professional team makes sure that the products offered by our manufacturing company compete in the market on a quality basis. We manufactured a wide range of products under different categories to provide medical facilities to every specialized unit.

  1.  Tablets
  2.  Capsules
  3.  Syrups
  4.  Cardiac & Diabetic
  5.  Ointment
  6.  Injectables
  7.  Pead/Syd/Drops
  8.  Ayurvedic Preparation

Quality Control & Assurance for Pharmaceuticals Products

We have a track record of successful collaborations with very well-known pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India because we guarantee that there will be no compromise on the product’s overall level of quality. Our manufacturing unit has obtained certifications from ISO and GMP, which confirms that the pharmaceuticals we manufacture will not be harmful in any way. The effectiveness, purity, pH value, side effects, and composition of the products are among the many quality parameters that are regularly monitored by our team of trained professionals who are in charge of quality control. We do everything in our power to ensure that the things that we put out into the world are of the highest possible quality. As a result, we have the honor of holding a position as the most reputable Third Party Medicine Manufacturer.

Some of the steps that we take to ensure quality control and assurance are mentioned below:

  • All the products are manufactured under the ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • We acquire our raw materials from certified and trustworthy suppliers to maintain the quality of the formulation of drugs.
  • Throughout our organization, we adhere to the guidelines set forth by GMP & ISO.
  • Availability of all the advanced and high-technology equipment in the laboratories.
  • Our products are stored in two temperature-controlled units, to maintain the quality of the products.
  • There is a separate team that works on defective pieces without any delay in the delivery.
  • The storage unit is completely airlock to reduce air contamination.
  • From product development and quality assurance to fulfillment and distribution, we have invested countless resources to set ourselves apart from the competition.

Packaging and Labeling of Our Manufactured Unit

As a dominant Third party pharma manufacturers in India, we have a strong commitment to ensuring that our products are of the highest possible quality and that the well-being of our customers is protected at all times. This also guides us regarding the steady progress that we are making in determining how successful our medication is in treating various illnesses. We make it a point to ensure that the standards of safety, quality, and cleanliness are never compromised at any level, whether it be during the process of procuring the raw material, at the manufacturing facility, or throughout its packaging. Krishlar Pharmaceuticals pays special attention to the packaging and labeling of the pharma products because:

  • The packaging of a product creates a great impact on the mind of the customer.
  • Effective packaging and labeling add more value to the product.
  • It has a huge impact on brand preference in the market.
  • We offer a validated range of standard primary packaging.
  • Labeling and packaging with custom layouts and full blinding and randomization where required.
  • Promotional material is provided along with it.

Payment & Delivery Service at Krishlar Pharmaceuticals

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals, as one of the Best Third Party Manufacturing Companies, understands the importance of the hard-earned money you are investing in the business. So the company provides you with lots of easy payment methods and amazing investment plans at affordable rates. Our company provides you with all the necessary documents of all the pending and full payment details with certifications of products. All payments are approved by the government which reduces any future mishaps and issues.

We also understand the importance of the quality packaging of pharma products. All the products are packed with top-quality packaging to avoid any wear and tear during transit. Also, we package our products with all the necessary details including manufacturing and expiry dates to reduce any harm to our customers. Moreover, as a top Pharmaceutical Third Party Manufacturing Company, we have a network of the best logistics partners who are committed to delivering the orders safely and on time.

Perks of working with Third party manufacturing in the Pharma industry

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals is one of the fastest-growing companies in the pharmaceutical market because of the top-quality pharma products we deliver to our customers and clients. Our company is committed to the quality of the medicine, and thus, all the equipment used in the manufacturing process is approved by certified authorities. All the raw materials used for the manufacturing of our pharma products are sourced from only trusted vendors of the pharmaceutical market just to ensure the quality of the products. Our company uses cutting-edge technologies and follows global practices for 3rd Party Manufacturing to ensure the international standards of the products. Acquiring our Third Party Manufacturing Pharma services will provide you with many perks that include the following:

  • Cost-effective production

Our company manufacturing models make the whole process cost-effective for you as you don’t have to worry about investing heavy capital in the machinery. Moreover, you are not required to spend money on maintenance of equipment, labor, and manufacturing units as we will provide you with top-quality products produced in our top-notch manufacturing unit.

  • Guaranteed profits

Working with Krishlar Pharmaceuticals will provide you the chance to earn huge profits and expansion of the business. We are one of the leading Third Party Manufacturers in the pharmaceutical market with loyal customers.

  • Work with professionals

By joining hands with our company you get a chance to work with professionals and specialists who are already working with us for years, as well as you can work with our associates and healthcare centers that are already connected with our company.

  • Meeting Ground

Working with our company will be profitable for both parties. It will not only help you in the expansion of your business but also help Krishlar Pharmaceuticals to promote our Third Party Manufacturing Pharma services.

Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Process and Procedure Followed by Krishlar Pharmaceutical

Today, third-party manufacturing is a popular notion in various industries, but it is especially in huge demand in the pharmaceutical industry, where it is thriving among pharma specialists.

Many people in the industry prefer hiring a Third Party Manufacturing Pharma for product production since it is hassle-free. It enables companies and pharma professionals to save a significant amount of production time and money, allowing customers time and resources to focus on their core departments, such as promoting the product and company. If you want to establish a transaction with a Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India, then follow the procedure given below.

Choose the Compositions

First of all, determine the number of products that you want to order for 3rd Party Manufacturing. Make a thorough composition list and email it to us.

Select Packaging Material and Branding Design

The product’s design, color scheme, packaging, labeling, and description that is written on the product represent the company’s standards; thus, pick the product’s design, color scheme, packaging, labeling, and description that fully explains the product. We will also guide you through the packaging process to make it visually appealing to the buyers.

Quotation Process & Finalization

Discuss the prices of the products, and then we will prepare a quotation that includes the total payment. As well as the prices of each product that has been determined.

Products Production

We will begin production when we have agreed on pricing, which might take 20 to 25 days. Time may vary depending on the number of products, and it may take a bit longer at times.

On-Time – On-Door Delivery

However, once the production is completed, our logistics crew will ensure that your order is delivered on time. We will leave it up to the client as to which time frame will suit them. We will fulfill their needs as per their specified time.

Documents Required for Third Party Manufacturing

To initiate the process of 3rd Party Manufacturing with Krishlar Pharmaceuticals, a leading Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India for the manufacturing of any kind of pharmaceutical product, a few documents are required for completing the legal work related to the business deal.

  1. Profile: (Brief Profile with a Copy of the PAN Card of the company and a Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association in Case of Pvt. Ltd or Limited Company. Partnership deed/ Affidavit for proprietary in case of Partnership firm or Proprietorship firm.)
  2. Name, Address & telephone with a copy of Aadhar Card and PAN cards. ( Of all Directors, Partners, or Proprietors both official and residential.)
  3. Copy of Resolution for Authorised Signatory to Deal: (For limited, private limited, and partnership companies)
  4. Drug Licences : (Attested copy of Drugs Licenses to be provided)
  5. Sales Tax / TIN Registration Certificates. (Attested copy of Sales tax Registration Certificate to be provided)
  6. Agreement for Manufacturing. (specimen attached below)
  7. Certificate for Non-Resemblance: ( Specimen attached below)

Third Party Manufacturing Service


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Krishlar Pharmaceuticals is India's best third party manufacturing company. The name is self-explanatory. It is one of India's largest third party manufacturers, with the most advanced infrastructure. In many States, the company has exclusive production facilities. It has a license to manufacture high-quality products. They also have partners throughout India, which broadens the scope of the products.

If you want to start a third party pharmaceutical manufacturing business, you must have a drug license and a GST number. You can start your business with a minimum investment of 5,000 to 10,000. Krishlar Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical company in India, provides pharma franchise and third party pharma manufacturing services.

Third party manufacturing connects manufacturers with associations and hospitals in need of a high-quality product. Producing medications and products on behalf of others.

There are several reasons why a pharmaceutical manufacturer should use third party manufacturing; here are the top five:
  • Saves pharmaceutical companies the trouble of developing their own pharmaceutical DRUG.
  • Third party manufacturers are specialists in their field.
  • A Pharmacist team dedicated to the quality of each brand's construction.
  • Component pharmaceutical company with a large network of component vendors and distributors.
  • In-depth training and certification in pharmaceutical industry standards.


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